Purses by Pia is a woman owned business making handmade purses from 100% wool. The purses are knit then felted, lined and decorated.  

Felting has been around for centuries – even Roman soldiers wore felted garments to protect themselves from their armor. The idea for a business started in 2009 as a result of 50 years of knitting for family and friends.

Our Story

The founder, Paula Metcalf Stuart, was nicknamed Pia by her Dad  hence the business name. Her other nicknames over the years “Madame Defarge” and “Knitwit” only added to her daughter’s encouragement to share her love of knitting with a broader audience. Mrs. Stuart has had 40 years of work experience in consulting, finance, public relations, marketing and environmental work.

These are some examples of purses that have been made, but no two are exactly alike and SPECIAL ORDERS are welcomed. Please contact Purses by Pia either by email pursesbypia@gmail.com or phone 908-696-8486 for information.